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winter is coming
What is Biodynamic?


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winter is coming

  Hello to all of our loving wine fans! We are now operating on our winter weekend hours. Friday through Sunday noon till 6pm.
  As summer returns, many new adventures are in the works for the winery! Dinner in the vineyard, bands on the stage outside with local food trucks. Possibly a new tasting room upstairs?!! You never know around here what we might pull off. Stay tuned, like and check us on face book for news and wine releases! Stay thirsty, stay groovy! Cheers

What is Biodynamic?

So many people have been asking “what is bio-dynamic farming?” First we would like to give you some of the history behind bio-dynamic farming (BDF).  In the early 20’s philosophers and scientists conducted a study with farmers from all over the world. They soon realized that the quality of the soil and the health of the livestock were rapidly depleting due to the use of synthetic chemicals being sprayed on the crops. 

 BDF has much in common with organic farming, it emphasizes the relationship between organic things, such as manure, compost, mineral and herbal sprays being applied to the soil and crops rather than resorting to spraying harmful chemicals that kill beneficial insects and other living organisms that are essential for “healthy soil” With healthy soil, your result is healthy crops.
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